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A little update from me...

(cm journal entry 3)

Hello Furfam,

It's been quite awhile since Cmdesigns has introduced any new products since our Charlie Brown Leads and Castiel Collars. This is not because the ideas are running low. Quite the opposite. The ideas and designs are in abundance - just sitting in my sketch book and half edited on the computer.

The problem has been my mindset & people pleasing tendencies. Over the last 6 months I have found myself saying 'yes' to things that I really should have politely declined. In addition to working part- time and also managing cmdesigns I had just tried to commit to too many other things. The worst part is most of those things 'I didn't really want to do them!'. This just made me feel resentful and totally hindered the creative process. I need time and space to work creatively and I had filled up that space with things that weren't important to me.

Of course what happened was I felt sad, grumpy, lost motivation and those ideas just sat unfinished on my computer. Not because I didn't want to them but because I felt stressed and had the thoughts of 'Oh I have to do that thing that I should have said no to but I said yes anyway' . Apart from my Family, Friends and Castiel the next most important thing to me is to have time to work in the business.

I've had some space to think and a little time to sort myself out. I'm back in a better state of mind and there has been room for me to create again! woop woop!

I'm so grateful to the furfam who have been with me since the beginning. Always liking and leaving a comment here and there especially when it seems like not much is happening at my end. That support is so wonderful and I love seeing all your gorgeous furbaby photos on instagram!

But why is it so hard to say No? I would love your thoughts! Are you a people pleaser? Leave me a comment :)

Cm x



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