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Accepting you have vestibular migraine is hard!

Vestibular Migraine - Living with vestibular migraine

I spent 4 years from when my symptoms began assuming I was going to be “cured”. That one day my vestibular migraine & vestibular symptoms would vanish. I pushed myself to do things that I knew weren’t going to be good for me because “there’s no way I’m missing out due to this illness”. At the time all it did though was push my healing back further. I was operating from a place of fear. Fear of never being better and fear that my life was ruined. I definitely wasn’t working with my body. I was working against it. Acceptance eventually did happen and a funny thing occurred. Once I did , migraine had less hold over me. I treated myself like someone worth caring for, with compassion instead of anger & frustration. Now that I’m so much further into my healing journey I still push myself to do things that I want to do. However I’ve given myself permission to be able to ‘leave’. To stop if I have to, to decline invitations to certain events or places, to say no. To understand that “that’s ok”. Everyday I am managing this illness whether I have symptoms or not each day. I’ve definitely developed a stronger sense of self since learning to live with vestibular migraine rather than fight against it.

Cm x



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