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Why Do We Fear Judgment and Fall into the Trap of People-Pleasing?

Updated: Jan 22

How many times have you started something and told yourself “yep, this is it! I’m doing it, no more excuses! I’m changing, I’m fixing, I’m going to accomplish......” then 2 weeks in you just stop. It all seems too hard, where did the motivation go?

When I first started building Cmdesigns I made a promise. I promised myself that I wouldn’t let myself down.

I knew my brain was going to tell me ‘This is way too hard’, ‘ You don’t know what your doing’, ‘you aren’t smart enough’, ‘you aren’t clever enough’.

I knew my brain was going to reach deep into that rubbish bin and pull out all the nasty stuff which is just a whole load of smelly brain junk.

But think about this.

How many times have you made a commitment about doing something for someone else and followed through with it?

Probably many times right. You followed through because you gave someone your word, you probably cared about them or valued a friendship/relationship.

There’s no way you would want to let them down.

So why is it so easy to let ourselves down? Why don’t we place as much importance on the decisions to commit to ourselves rather than doing something for someone else?

Think about the times you have let yourself down. How does it feel? Maybe you broke a promise to yourself, you went against your moral compass, you let other people talk you into something you didn’t really want to do, you said 'yeah sure' when you really wanted to say 'No', You gave up on a dream because you told yourself it was jut ask too hard. But why?

Are you fearing judgment from others, do you have a low self worth, do you “believe” your not smart enough, talented enough, capable enough?

I had all those thoughts and still do at times. The game changer is realising hey are just “thoughts”. Just because you 'think' something doesn't actually make it true & it doesn't have to stop you from taking action.

I think so many of us avoid asking ourselves the difficult questions because we don't want to feel uncomfortable. What excuses or thoughts are stopping you from achieving what you really want in life?



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