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Brain Dump ✨

Hello furfam 🐾

I'm currently sitting on the lounge with my legs resting against Castiel who is looking very snugz on the other end.

I'm not quite sure where to start with this post so I'll

go with a thought brain dump!

Here we go...

I'm not happy with where cmdesigns is at on a small business level. I feel a little all over the place. I've got things I'm working on which will be launching on the website. It takes a long time to receive samples and test them out. In the meantime I have Etsy and RedBubble running in the background.

I am stoked that products have been able to reach further abroad using these platforms . The latest being sent off to Canada 🇨🇦 🫶🏻

I've been thinking about my business journey from the beginning and let me tell you more things have gone wrong than right. This only makes me more determined to improve. Some days are really difficult though and motivation is nowhere in sight.

Not only have I been thinking of my business journey but also my personal journey. In particular with health. Some of you may know I was diagnosed with a vestibular disorder that completely flipped my world upside down and still affects me today. I wrote a blog post about it here back in 2019. I've reached a point where majority of symptoms are gone but they can flare up at anytime. I also have restrictions on what I can do. It's only the last couple of days I've allowed myself to fully acknowledge how much this disorder changed me and my life. I have been down playing the severity but honestly it was completely fucked up and through a lot of healing and process I know I have the right to acknowledge that and not hide it.

My small business dream had to stop and start depending on what my vestibular system decided it was doing for the day, week, month even years!

And truthfully I'm pissed about it. It held me back. I can't change that. It makes me feel angry. I know I need to feel the anger to process the anger to let the anger go. Maybe that's why I'm writing this. I'm trying to do that journal exercise where they say just let the words flow don't think too much about it. The truth will come out.

I'm also so grateful. So so grateful beyond words for what I have in my life. My husband, family, friends, a beautiful place to live, Castiel and the opportunity to pursue my daydream 💭

There's a lot going on in the world right now. A lot of terrible things. It's ok to still share our world, what's going on for us. We are all human and I think it's important to share our experiences and how we really feel. It's also important to note that feelings change all the time. One day we can be on top of the world and the next not feeling so great. It's a roller coaster. We feel, we process, we move forward.

Thanks for letting me brain dump x




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