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Don't follow your dreams....

I bet you read the title and thought "wait, WHAT?!!!!!"

Don't follow your dreams but Pursue your Daydreams!

If you have scrolled through the cmdesigns website & social media you will have seen Coffee, Dogs & Pursuing Daydreams. The first two are pretty self explanatory, I LOVE Dogs & Coffee dah! I’m pretty sure there’s a whole tribe of furmums who would agree with me here..... ;) ;) ;)

I don’t say follow your dreams because that brings to mind for me those weirdo dreams when you wake up and think “wtf was that? did my brain even come up with that? Nope, no dreams. Those Daydreams however are a totally different story!

A daydream is that thing you think about doing through the day when you're actually doing something else; When you are at work, in the shower, cooking dinner, exercising or zoning out it in front of the telly (you know what I mean). It could be ‘I’d really like to take a dance class or learn a different language. It could be signing up to the gym or finally booking that holiday you've been so badly wanting to take. It could be the promise you made to yourself 1000 times already that you were going to stand up for yourself and not let others walk all over you. It could be larger scale like finding a new career, studying or even quitting your job (responsibly of course)'. It doesn’t matter how big or small these Daydreams are. IT IS TIME TO PURSUE THEM ....pursue them...pursue them!

It’s time to ditch the excuses, ditch the fear and TAKE action! Ask yourself: what is holding you back? Is it finance (figure out how to make some extra cash or cut back on luxuries) or is it what people will think of you, is it your own negative self talk? Most of time it is YOU, your thoughts, the expectations or lack of expectations you place upon yourself.

Don’t be fooled cannot just decide to do something and then think it’s just going to happen and full into place. You have to commit, commit, commit and then take small steps to get to where you would like to be. You have to be prepared for the process, the journey.

You are going to have moments where you think it’s just too hard, you are going to lack motivation, you will have sets back, things might not go exactly to plan. This is the time to ask yourself how badly you want this?You won’t be doing yourself or anyone else a favour if you put in half arse effort and then complain when it doesn’t work it.

You are entirely in control of your own life.

Use that power don't waste it!

Cm x


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