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Castiel & Cody

Updated: Oct 13, 2019

Building a business and a dog accessories brand was not only about designing and making products. It was also about having a platform to discuss just how amazing dogs are and the many benefits including healing benefits they can bring to our lives.

A few nights ago I gave my fiance Cody some questions to answer to find out how our dog Castiel has helped him deal with his Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

CM: How does it feel to have an illness which cannot be seen by others?

Cody: It can feel feel extremly frustrating at times. Especially when you are with old friends and relatives that knew me long before PTSD. You see the effort they make to try an accomodate you, even when they don't understand. Even after all their effort, there's a trigger for you in what ever scenario it may be, that ruins and ends what ever you were trying to do. You see looks from people who are empathetic and can see that have a tiny glimer of understanding. Then there are others who through no fault of their own just dont get it. And that can make you feel like you have to somehow prove your illness because they don’t understand. Sometimes it makes you feel like they are judging you in that you are lieing, which of course is horrible.

CM: What made you want to get a dog to help with your PTSD?

Cody: I have always loved, and had dogs as a child. Initially I didnt get Cas becasue of my condition, I just wanted a dog. It wasn’t until after getting him that I realised the positive effect he was having on my life and helping me manage PTSD.

CM: How specifically has Castiel helped you manage your PTSD?

Cody: Gees.. theres so many, many ways. The major effect he has had has been in helping me handle being in public situations alot better. When he is with me I am able to do things a little longer. Whether it be sitting at a cafe, or walking in a park. Just having him with me is a major comfort for me. Im not even sure why. If its his company or having another set of alert eyes i'm not sure.

With my PTSD comes alot of nights where I cant sleep. On those nights no matter what I do from walking around the farm or watching TV with out a doubt my mate will be with me. His company on those nights is priceless.

He also helps to motivate me to go out side and be active, not so much for me but for him. This list could go on for days but to keep it simple Castiel gives me comfort and security when nothing else can. He helps keep me calm.

CM: It’s now 4 years into your journey of trying to understand and live with PTSD. If you could go back to when you were first diagnosed what advice would you give yourself?

Cody: That is a Massive Question!!!!

*Don’t look at your diagnosis like a cold that is going to go away. It’s here to stay so you just need to learn how to deal with it the best you can.

* You are going to have good days and bad days (many, many bad days).

* Get used to not always enjoying the things you used to. You need to learn all over again what you like and dislike.

*Be gentle on Yourself. Don’t judge what you see as failures too harshly.

* Thank Catherine every day for every thing she has done for me and will do.

* Also wait to get a dog until you can rescure a golden coloured mastiff from the pound!

CM: To finish off what is one of the naughtiest/funniest/most memorable things Castiel has done to date?

Cody:Probably the day he got his head stuck in the bin. Also when he was a puppy I was sitting at my computer with my headset on. Suddenly everything went quite. I looked down and Castiel had chomped clean through the headset wire and was still contently chewing away on the wire. They were expensive too!

The day we brought our boy Castiel home



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