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Hey Furfam, I'm still here!

Hey Furfam,

Just wanted to write a quick update incase you've noticed my absence on social media and lack of new bow designs coming in.

This year has been a tough one. My family very unexpectedly had to say goodbye to someone we loved very much. Grief is such a long journey and I took time to support my family through this.

I have also still been working full-time and it's difficult to find the headspace and time at the moment to sit down and be creative.

You may have noticed many of the bows and bandanas have sold out on our website, there are still a few available on Etsy. I will of course be doing new designs and sewing new bows and working on new products when I work out how to have a bit more balance in my life.

I love working on cmdesigns (pursuing my daydream) and I'm looking forward to being able to create again.

Thank you as usual for sticking with me, your support means so much!

Big love from Catherine & Castiel



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