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Inez and Joey

Hello Furfam! Today in the "Dogs & Business' section we are featuring the lovely Inez along with her make-up business and of course furbaby Joey. Just incase you haven't been reading the cmdesigns blog the 'Dogs & Business' section is all about featuring other businesses that have one thing in common. They all have a gorgeous furbaby! Big thank you to Inez for her honest and thoughtful answers. Throughout the post there will be links to Inez's website and also her blog which she writes about a range of things from business, to travel and being a doggy foster parent.

Before we get into the questions about Joey, can you explain to our readers what your business is? My business is Makeup by Inèz, I am a hair & makeup artist. I am transitioning my kit to completely cruelty-free and can already cater to clients that require cruelty-free and/or vegan makeup. I am available for all kinds of jobs. see my website for my experience and portfolio.I love making people feel beautiful, but still look like themselves!

You mentioned in your blog post that you and your partner Paul have been foster parents to a number of gorgeous furbabies now. What made you decide to do this? I imagine it would have been difficult having to say goodbye to them again especially as you said they were often injured or suffering mental trauma. Was this difficult for you to do? Our love for dogs really started when we met our friends' Ryan & Kirsten's dog, who lives in Perth. They have a little Jack Russel named Milly, and we adored this cool little dog. Ever since we met her, we've been thinking one day we would like to have a dog too. When we were at Lort Smith Animal Hospital to have a look in the shelter, we were just investigating and not even close to ready to adopt, they told us they are always looking for foster carers. This seemed like a great thing to do, as it helps the shelter and the dogs, but it also gave us the experience of having a dog and getting to know different breeds. Saying goodbye to the first foster dog was really hard, and we only looked after him for a week! The next time we were more prepared of what to expect (and what not to expect) and saying goodbye was easier as we got less attached to the dogs.

You recently officially adopted one of your foster furbabies Ned (now named Joey which suits him to a tee). How did this come about and what made you say 'yes' to Joey? After having fostered 3 dogs in about a year's time, every time we didn't look after one I felt that I really would like to have a dog around. We had been talking about maybe adopting one, and the logical thing to do seemed to keep on fostering until there was a foster dog that we would like to keep (and would be able to keep, as that's not always possible). So when Joey, our fourth foster dog came around, I guess we were very ready. I would love to say that he was 'the one', as lots of people romantically want to put it. But honestly I simply think lots of dogs could've been right for us. We still had a lot of doubts whether we could adopt, as fostering was a very easy way for us to have a dog, with little responsibilities. We decided to take the step and haven't looked back since! I guess you just change your life to fit the dog into it. And Joey is a great little fella!

What do you think is the best thing about having a furbaby as part of the family?He gives us so much laughs, playtime and cuddles. I also get a lot of exercise and Joey has endless energy.

To date what is the most important thing/lesson Joey has taught you? I used to be really pedantic about running a certain amount of times per week and certain distance, as I had a goal set of doing 20 kilometres by the end of 2017. I had this romantic dream of running with the dog. But Joey was (and still is) all over the place, so it's not always pleasant to run with him and I have had to adjust my pattern. I started to go more with the flow, sometimes I would take him running, but stopped keeping track of distance and time, and sometimes we would just go for a walk instead. Unfortunately it has lead to that I was hardly running for a while, but I do think it was good for me to stop caring about distance and time, as it's not that important. It's good enough to just spend time outside and be active. More recently we have been jogging together a bit more again, and it goes much better now!

As a business owner do you feel that having a dog has improved your ability to handle the ups and downs of Business and life in general? Reduced stress? Makes you a calmer person? Makes you more active? Good question. I am not too sure about that. I might be a happier person because he would often distract my thoughts and lets me focus just on him. Maybe you can see it as a kind of meditation?

What are some of Joey's favourite things to do?Joey loves sleeping under the blankets in our bed ! He also loves playing tug, but only when hé wants it.

To date what is the funniest or naughtiest thing Joey has done? Can I say the cutest thing he does? It's really nice when he is tired in the evening and goes on the couch with us, and he comes and stands as close to you as possible and then let's himself fall against your body, so he can be as close as he can.

Thank you Inez and Joey for brightening up our blog today! If you would like to feature your furbaby and business please email AND make sure to check out the social links below. Inez does beautiful make-up work! Website: Make up by Inez Facebook:Make up by InezInstagram: Make up by InezBlog: Make up BlogBlog: Personal


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