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"Is Sipping Coffee at Stamp & Grind Whilst Perusing Wedding Photos Not The Ultimate Thursday Morning ?"

Today (Thursday) we spent the morning sipping coffee at a cute lil coffee/gift shop called 'Stamp & Grind'. It used to be the general store in the 1940's (picture attached). It now operates as a cafe, post office and gift shop. The cafe has a country relaxed vibe and it's the best coffee I've purchased out and about for a long time. If you like strong coffee that is. But honestly, you half strength people! I don't understand? I know you're out there and are absolutely 100 percent entitled to have your coffee how you like it. But still........🤪

Mum wanted to pick out some wedding photos for her wall so we perused the album.

If you would like to see some then you can have a looksie here :)

If you are here mainly for the vestibular migraine journey then 'yes' yes I was very worried about having a major flare up just before the wedding and feeling awful on the day. But it didn't happen! I am so grateful for that. I did have a flare up about one week afterwards. It was like as soon as I completely relaxed vestibular migraine came knocking on the door. Actually it didn't knock it just barged through. I knew what I had to do though and was back on track in a couple of weeks.

Anyway yeah back to the wedding photos.

We picked out the 10 we liked most and indulged in a second round of coffee. Is sipping coffee at Stamp & Grind whilst perusing wedding photos not the ultimate Thursday morning? ☕️

Cm x

p.s. you can also check out Stamp & Grind on instagram here.


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