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John - Man's Best Friend Australia

In our 'Dogs and Business' section this week we feature John from Man's Best Friend Australia.

John is a dog trainer based out of the Tweed Valley, Northern New South Wales where he runs his dog training business called Man's Best Friend.

His approach to dog training may be a little different from what you are used to hearing. Most of John's training is actually done with you, the human. He teaches you what your dog may be trying to tell you and arms you with all the knowledge to interpret your dog's body language and communication to respond accordingly.

John says "It's a common misconception that training your dog to be obedient- by teaching it sit, stay etc will automatically make it a "good" dog. What we really need to work on is building a solid relationship with our canine companions."

We also asked John to answer a few of our own questions below:

1.) What is the ‘why’ behind what you do, of course apart from the obvious of being around dogs all day?

My why.... hmmm dogs helped change my life and taught me vital life lessons. So my why is through my experiences, knowledge and skill set. My soul purpose is to improve the relationship between Man and dog.

2.) If you only had the opportunity to give one piece of advice to dog owners what would it be?

Training and developing your relationship with your dog is a forever process. Learn to be ok with the revolving door. What you realise is that the more you know, the more you realise you didn't know.

3.) what is a common mistake you see people make in the relationship with their dog?

Thinking it's a human and or that a dog lacks intelligence.

4.) what is a challenging aspect of running your own business?

There's only 7 days in a week haha.

5.) what is a rewarding aspect of running your own business?

Seeing the results!

6.) How many dogs do you have and what are their names?

Zen - papa dog

Hans Solo



Click here for more on Zen, Hans Solo, Alma & Sombra.


7.) who is a business/person you follow that inspires you?

Honestly my closest peoples. Sounds corny but true. I have a close network of humans and they are all amazing!

8.) Tea or Coffee?

Ummm coffee is life. (yes we also agree haha)

9.) what is something people may not know about you?

I hate anchovies, lol.

Thank you to John for his time in answering our questions. Please see the links below to keep up to date on Man's Best Friend Australia.

For website please click here!

For instagram please click here!

and for facebook please click here!

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