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Just starting out?


A funny thing happens when you decide to be brave and take the leap into the unfamiliar world of starting your own business.

People change towards you. Not all. But some. It can be very confusing especially when you are so full of excitement and enthusiasm. You have spent so long thinking about, researching, saving, organising yourself so you can actually just START.

I truly hope your friends and family are totally behind you and encouraging you on this journey. In my case I am so lucky that my family, friends and especially my fiancé have been SO supportive and not once have ever made me feel like "I couldn't do it or was making a bad decision".

If it wasn't for my fiance Cody I would never have been able to launch my first line of still would have been designs sitting in my computer....Thanks babe.

Unfortunately a few people and sad to say some friends have resorted to negative nancy vibe. "Do you realise how hard it is to grow a business?" "Do you know that it is super hard to communicate with overseas manufacturers? can't trust them." "There's already someone else doing something similar" "You can't compete with the big brands" "80% off new businesses close within a year" ...some don't even have to say just know they aren't 100% behind you.

oh.... well, thanks very much for the feedback. I have indeed researched all this, I do indeed understand that growing a business takes years and frankly I don't need your neggy vibes interfering with my creative juices. In fact unless you have been there from the very first step, unless you know every challenge,every hurdle that I/we have had to face. If you're judging from what you 'think you know' or the highlights you 'see on social media' than you actually have no idea.

But hey if you've been running a successful business for years then I am totally open to feedback, help and constructive criticism.

Being a female in my 20's many people did not take me seriously. I really got the "ohhh what a cute little naive bunny rabbit" feel. You know the 'oh she has no idea'.yep.Arghh.

This is for YOU whatever age you are, wherever you are in life. If you're just starting a business or making some big changes YOU GOT THIS. It ain't going to be easy...but it will be worth it. Please do not let the opinions of others make you stray from your truth.

For the naysayers. Thanks for the totally unhelpful waffle that comes out of your mouth & 'Watch this Space'

I would love to know your thoughts on negative nancy's? Do you have something specific you say to them? Do you just ignore them? Do you imagine yourself in a bubble that nothing can get through?

leave your thoughts below or comment on the 'Neggy Nancy' instagram post.



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