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New Product Alert! Bubblegum Melt, Rose and Sherbet Bows.

Introducing our gorgeous new bow designs. Bubblegum Melt, Rose and Sherbet.

The process

Bubblegum Melt and Sherbet: These designs were created using watercolour paints which were melted together onto paper using water. Tip: you can get really great blending happening if you brush the entire paper with water first before applying paint. These designs were then scanned into the computer and printed onto gorgeous 100% cotton material.

Rose Bow: This design really has a Disney vibe but was inspired by Catherine's grandmothers rose plants.

This was sketched using pencil and then coloured in with texters (connector pens to be exact..still cool!) Scanned and printed onto the same 100% cotton material.

Once the material arrives back at the studio it is then carefully hand cut and sewn and awaiting their new homes!

To view them in store click here.

Catherinemarydesigns x


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