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Oreo and Scotch - Furfam Feature

It's the weekend and we are featuring Oreo and Scotch, welcome to the Furfam! Anna (furmum) took some time to answer our questions.

1.) How many furbabies do you have and what is their breed/names?

Two, Oreo (puggle), and Scotch (beagle), @oreo_scotch_biscuits4life

2.) Can you describe your furbabies personalities in one sentence?

Oreo has a big personality, he’s loves everyone, and everything. Scotch is gentle natured, he loves his Sniff-faris, and naps in the sun.

3.) Do your dogs have any nicknames? What are they?

Oreos is “Bacon”, or Mr Lick-a-lot. Scotch is Sir Sniff-a-lot.

4.) what is something positive that owning dogs has taught you?

How to be patient.

5.) what is something you find challenging about owning a dog/s?

The explosions

6.) Does your dog/s have any favourite toys or games?

Their Kong Topple, and squeakers.

7.) what is the naughtiest thing or dog/s has ever done?

Chewed glasses and electronics.

8.) what is a funny or memorable moment involving your dog/s?

The funny things that they get caught or stuck in, such as a play pen.

9.) who is another furbaby/furparent that you love to follow on instagram?

There are too many to name!

10.) Tea or Coffee?

Coffee, first thing in the morning.

Thank you Anna, Oreo and Scotch. If you would like to keep up to date on all the happenings you can follow Oreo and Scotch HERE :)

If you would like to be featured in the Furfam Feature section of our blog please contact us via instagram @catherinemarydesigns

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