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Overcoming the Dizziness Dilemma: A Path to Freedom from Vestibular Illness

Overcoming a Vestibular Illness

Before I was diagnosed with a vestibular disorder I felt I was a pretty confident person.

I didn't hesitate to try new things, belonged to active community organisations and was just starting out on my very first business adventure.

Until my symptoms started. Then as each day passed I felt like a bit of that confidence was taken away and replaced with uncertainty and anxiety. This progressed until I felt I had no confidence in myself, in my body and was terrified to do anything alone. Symptoms were 24/7 and I always felt like I was going to faint.

My coping mechanism of course was to stay home or be stuck to my husbands (then bf) side. I spent such a long time waiting for my symptoms to go away. Each night before bed I would think and hope 'maybe tomorrow will be the day I wake up better'. That never came. Just more symptoms and more anxiety.

It wasn't until I started to bring my symptoms along for the ride that things started to change. Instead of avoiding going to the grocery store because of how I felt, I went anyway bringing along 'the feeling of being on a boat, de-realization, eyes that were unable to focus properly, disorientation and extreme anxiety'. It wasn't until I did this that I started to heal. Very slowly I started taking the power away from my symptoms and giving it back to me. I began my path to freedom from a vestibular illness.

I wonder if this resonates with you too? It may depend where you are in your journey.

Let me know in the comments or over on socials @_cmjournal_

Cm x



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