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Pets with Pawsonality

This blog post is featuring ‘Pets with Pawsonality’ a dog grooming business run by the wonderful Jorja McLeod. A little about Jorja; Jorja McLeod is 23 and she loves the outdoors, going on adventures, horse riding, collecting entertainment tickets and attending BnS Balls. Jorja started Dog Grooming and her own business in 2014 from her home at Dunbible outside of Murwillumbah. From a very young age and growing up on her family’s farm with all types of animals, she has always loved their company and being around them, especially dogs. She wanted to become involved in caring for them and to help make a difference to their lives. She has attained Certificate 2 in Animals Studies, Certificate 3 in Companion Animals and Certificate 4 in Veterinary Nursing, which has enhanced her mission to pass her knowledge of animal health to her customers and to help improve their pet’s lives. “A Clean Pet is a Happy Pet”.

Jorja attended a 4 week hands on course at the Victorian College of Dog Grooming, which encouraged herself to start her own business within the Dog Grooming Industry. She offers all grooming, washing, clipping and scissoring needs, flea and tick treatment (Fido’s), nail trimming, anal gland expression, hygiene/sanitary trims, feet, face, tail, ear trims, ear plucking, AND eye cleaning. In every treatment she uses all natural products with fresh warm water with a calming massage, their ears are plucked/cleaned as well as their eyes are cleaned (if required), nails trimmed and anal glands are expressed. During the entire grooming process, she is always checking over your dog’s coat and skin for any nasty parasites or skin allergies. All dogs leave smelling and feeling marvellous! On every dogs 6th visit they receive a gift pack of products which is applied during bathing your pet (Shampoo & Conditioner) & a sample of Dogi-Deli Treats, its nice way to say Thank you!Jorja is NOT A MOBILE SERVICE! However she provides a pick up and drop off service if required, at an extra price which may vary depending on location. (Prices start from $5) Discounts are available: For 2 or more dogs per owner OR Pensioner. Jorja has 6 fur babies who all have different personalities, behaviours, gestures, barks and appearances. I asked Jorja to give a little detail into her six gorgeous fur babes and answer some more questions below (In order of slide show appearance)

“Ruby” she is the eldest, her breed is Jack Russell X Foxy, colour is Tan and White. She is the queen of our house! She reminds us of a possum and can be a cranky old b#$@h and our constant barker who starts off all the other dogs to let us know someone is here. However she is very loveable and loves being in any vehicle.

“Lucy” she is the second eldest, her breed is Kelpie X Blue Heeler, colour is Black with a few heeler markings on face, feet, chest, belly and tail. She is queen of dad’s work shed and barks to let us know as soon as a guest drives up the driveway. When adventuring and chasing cattle she always takes short cuts. She love her pats.

“Daisi” she is the third eldest, her breed is Jack Russell X Foxy, colour is Bay, Tan and White (Tri). She is very anxious, shy and spoilt. She reminds us of a miniature whippet/greyhound. Loves her runs, being in vehicles or up on the quad bike, nursed/picked up. She is talented as she can sing! “Bindi” she is the fourth eldest, her breed is Mixed (Staffy X Kelpie X Blue Heeler X Maltese Shih Tzu), colour is Brindle – she is my sisters and her partner’s dog. To everyone she looks like a Staffy X Dachshund to us she is our big wombat. She loves to lick, run and most importantly enjoys her belly being rubbed. She knows how to sit, drop, crawl and roll she is very talented.

“Bailey” he is the fifth eldest – rescued from a small unit backyard and a couple’s relationship break up, so we took him in, his breed is a Kelpie X Smith Field, colour Tan. Our only boy. He loves being called bales. Loves toys or sticks being thrown. Knows how to sit and shake hands. Loves cattle work or adventures. He reminds us of a flat head when his ears go back. He is a changed dog since being with us. Bailey sadly crossed the rainbow bridge recently into doggy heaven. He will be missed.

“Flash” she is the sixth eldest – rescued from a farmer friend’s property due to being sold, there was no point for him to keep her, so we took her in, her breed is a Border Collie X Koolie, colour Black and White. She loves cattle and working them. She is not fussed on strangers as she is still learning. She loves her belly being rubbed and can be very lovable. She is a changed dog since being with us.

2.) How long have you had your furbaby/s for and what made you decide to get a dog? I have own dogs all my life. I love dogs, they are my favourite domestic animal. They are so easy to love and are your best friend forever.

3.)Creating and running a small business takes a lot of time and energy. Most people don't see behind the scenes and how much it takes to get things up and running. Often it can be very stressful and overwhelming no matter how much you love what you're doing. Obviously your business is 'Dogs' but do you feel they help you in dealing with the stressors associated with running a business? Yes, I believe they relieve stress as each dog is different with their own individual personalities and behaviours, especially with my business as a dog groomer and pet sitter they make me laugh, even though the job can be challenging.

4.) What is the most important thing/lesson that your furbaby/s have taught you? “A Clean Pet is a Happy Pet” even though they love getting dirty! When they are clean they are so happy and motivated. Another thing is how much all 6 of my furbabies have loved each family member differently. 5.) What is the naughtiest or funniest thing that your furbaby/s have done? Chewing and ripping toys or bedding apart is naughty but at the same time funny as the one who has done it creeps down and rolls on their back “okay, I’m innocent.”

6.) Stepping back into the business side of things what advice would you give to others who are thinking about embarking (excuse the pun) on their own business journey?

- Always take your time with challenges

- Be yourself

- Accept any sort of challenge, even though it may make you feel nervous or afraid, you will succeed - Enjoy what you do, as it will show in your work.

Thank you so much to Jorja for answering these questions about 'Dogs & Business'. It is always inspiring to see others follow their passions and create a business out of something they genuinely love! If you would like to get in contact with Jorja about her 'Pets with Pawsonality' services please visit the Facebook link or click HERE.


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