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See ya 2019 Hello 2020

It's New Years Eve and another year and New Decade starts Tomorrow! I won't go into detail about the year that was but if you have read my blog posts and social media @_catherinemary_ you will know it hasn't been a great one for me. Keeping this short and sweet with a list of things I have learnt in 2019 and what I am going to focus on in 2020.

Lessons of 2019

* Health is EVERYTHING! I used to hear this all the time "your health is most important!" blah, blah, blah. I used to shrug it off thinking I was invincible. It wasn't until my physical and mental health declined this year that I truly learnt this lesson. Without my health I wasn't able to work on cmdesigns, I had to leave my part time job, I couldn't see my friends, I couldn't exercise, I couldn't drive, I couldn't take Castiel out for a play. All I could really do was sit in the lounge and watch tv. It was a miserable time. So most important lesson for 2019 is NEVER take my health for granted.

* People pleasing also makes you sick and gives you chronic anxiety. This year I had to let a lot of people down due to my ill health. It really crushed me. I have always been a people pleaser but the anxiety it provoked in me this year when I couldn't be a people pleaser really made me realise like a BIG FAT SMACK IN THE FACE that I was basing my worth on how much I could do for others. If they were happy then all was ok. Even if that had a negative impact on myself.

* That no matter how much advice and help you get from others only I truly know what is best for me.

*Sometimes people don't get it and that's ok, they don't have to and I don't need them to understand.

What I want to create in 2020

* FOCUS on my health. This means nourishing my body with nutritious food, making exercise a priority, drinking more know all the usual healthy stuff. But also prioritising me time. This includes more pampering, more baths whilst sipping tea, more long walks, time out to de-stress and process.

*TAKE ACTION mainly on goals I have for the business that I wasn't able to achieve last year due to health and also because I let fear take control. So this year I would like to feel the fear and do it anyway.

*STOP PEOPLE PLEASING this is such a huge one for me and this includes not worrying about others opinions.


Yes it's that time of year where you get to read everyone's year in review and what they wish to achieve in 2020 but I do think it's important to take time to process the year that was and what you want to leave behind so you can create more good for yourself in 2020. To truly pursue what is going to make you feel happy and what is meaningful in your life. Of course you don't have to announce it to the world if you don't wish to, maybe just write it down in a note book. You know what they say about the power of writing things down!

I would like to thank you again if you are reading this for your continued support on my business journey.

Castiel and I wish you nothing but happiness and good health for the year to come.

Big love and Gratitude,

Catherine x



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