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Meet Skyla & Copper

A few days ago I reached out on social media to ask for some questions/stories to share on the Catherine Mary Designs Blog. Like every person, every dog has a story and I would love to be able to share these stories on here.

So on the blog today we are featuring Skyla and Copper. Their lovely owner has answered some questions about them and you can find more adventures of these two cuties on Instagram at @red_aussie_and_a_rescue

Skyla: Skyla is a scruffy black and white 5 year old rescue from the Humane Society and we think she's a Jack Russell/ Schnauzer mix!

What the naughtiest thing she has ever done?The naughtiest thing she's ever done is when I left for 10 minutes. Only 10 minutes! She managed to open my backpack, find a bag of unopened treats, rip it open and eat every single treat! She got a good scolding but she didn't really care.

Favourite things to do?Skyla loves to hike, go to the dog beach, go on nice walks, cuddle, sleep (especially in a lap) and be spoiled and petted.

What's the most important thing/lesson she has taught you?She's an amazing dog, she taught me things are not always as they appear and although I went to the shelter looking for my version of a "beautiful" little puppy I left the shelter with a hairless (she had mange and lost all her fur), scared, shaky and scratched up dog. They told me she had been starved, abused and left her with a bad skin infection. No one wanted a hairless dog even if they said her hair would grow back, but I did the moment I looked into her eyes. She had the most beautiful big brown eyes. She looked at me like she had so much love to give, so much more than her appearance. She definitely lived up to that and more! She's spunky, funny, playful, cuddly and she makes everyone fall in love with her wherever they go.

Skyla before adoption

Skyla after adoption

Copper: Copper is purebred red tri Australian shepherd who is 4 years old and we had gotten him from a local farmer who had an accidental litter of puppies! He was the last one left because he was the most undesired due to him being the only pup with white markings. Someone put a deposit on him but never came to get him. He was the last puppy but a very shy one.

What the naughtiest thing he has ever done?The naughtiest thing he's ever done is a hard one because he's so mischievous! Digs holes in the backyard and hardly ever eats bones because he buries them all and he's very protective of Skyla and would bark if a dog got too close! But the worst was when he was a puppy and he did something bad and I scolded him for it and he whimpered and started limping! I freaked out! I picked him up checked the paw that was limping and realized he had faked it so I wouldn't be mad! It made me laugh! So it guess it worked!

Favourite things to do?Copper is an active dog! We run 3 miles a day, hike, go to the dog beach, he loves tug of war, belly rubs, ear scratches and chest pats.

What's the most important thing/lesson he has taught you?Copper taught me to never give up. Growing up I didn't get a lot of time with him due to housing and economical situations and had him at my grandmother's which meant he didn't socialize a lot which affected him. He was aggressive with other dogs, territorial and protective. Everyone told me to give him up. They told me that if I gave him up they'd get me a new puppy and we could "do it right" but I could never give up on him.He's such a sweet dog, caring and timid. I worked hard with obedience classes, socialization and more training and now he let's dogs sniff him, he's no longer aggressive and a changed dog! It's the hard work you put in! He taught me to never give up because with hard work you can do anything and his willingness to cooperate proves this. He's a fighter.

Thank you so much to Skyla and Copper's owner for sending their stories through. Instagram: @red_aussie_and_a_rescue If you would like to share your furbaby/furbabies stories please send them through to and answer the questions above.

Remember to include pictures and any social media accounts.

Happy Friday! cmdesigns.


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