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Surviving the Daily Struggle: Coping with the Exhaustion of a Vestibular Disorder.

Living with a vestibular disorder

A Vestibular Disorder is a physical illness. A malfunctioning of the vestibular system that creates very real, very physical sensations.

Let’s not say this lightly. A vestibular illness can feel like hell. Especially when it first strikes.

Your life, everything you knew and how you felt completely flipped in an instant.

The majority of the physical symptoms are invisible but it also feels like mental torture.

Why is no helping me? Why can’t doctors fix me? Why can’t anyone SEE how much I’m struggling and NEED help? This is how it can feel when you first get sick. It can feel so isolating, so frustrating, so terrifying.

Unpopular opinion. Yes, you are alone. You are alone to navigate this disorder and essentially your new way of living. But I am also here to tell you that in your aloneness you can and will find empowerment.

It’s ok if no one truly understands even if they try to. You don’t need them to understand because they won’t. Unless they have experienced a vestibular illness they will not be able to grasp how it feels for you.

Although you are alone with your symptoms, you are not alone in your experience.

I was you, I am you.

I am here to validate your experience.

I’m in the process off building a community and a resource here on this blog to alleviate some of that aloneness. In the meantime please connect with me on instagram :)



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