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The First Step is Believing.

Updated: Jan 22

The Story Behind Cmdesigns latest Collar and Lead set 'The First Step is Believing'.

I remember thinking when I left school that whatever I did I just didn't want to end up living my life working in a job that made me miserable. I was surrounded by so many people who would say "that's just how it is". I refused to believe this. However I had a bigger problem. I knew what I wanted but I didn't really believe I was capable of it. I had been following women who inspire me on social media specifically women in business such as Lisa Messenger and Samantha Wills. I had always wanted to do something creative but also something with meaning and a deeper purpose. I didn't really follow through on my business idea though until a few years later. I just worked in my supermarket job, followed other women's business success stories and thought "Gee, I would really love to one day own my own business. Imagine that! Being in control, not having to answer to anybody else, freedom (but still lots of hard work), being able to design and create things and ultimately be my own BOSS". Along with this however I also thought "Oh but I could never really do that. I mean how could I? I have no idea where I would even start! I know nothing about business. What is an ABN even? Through this time I had been supporting my partner Cody (now fiance) through his Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. This journey was difficult for both of us but has made us better and stronger people. Seeing, feeling and trying to understand what he was going through definitely made me question my own thought patterns and has made me a more understanding and resilient person. I am grateful for this even through the hardship. This journey ultimately led us to Castiel (our furbaby). To the pound we went to find a pupper to help support Cody through his PTSD. Our boy Castiel (named after a character from supernatural) came home with us and he definitely was an angel in disguise and arrived at the most perfect time. He changed both our lives in the best way possible and was the main inspiration to start creating dog accessories. It took me such a long time to truly believe I was capable of creating a business and brand. I just didn't believe I was smart enough. The idea of starting a hobby 'business' that could one day be my full time job was just something unachievable.That was reserved for the women "better than me". You know...the ones who actually knew what they were doing. After immersing myself in a lot of research, research and more research, podcasts, books, you tube 'how to's' I finally decided to just do it. My thought process was 'I would rather try and potentially fail then never try and regret that later on' . I had no idea what I was doing but I just threw myself in the deep end and worked it out. Of course things haven't gone exactly to plan and I made some bad decisions. Anything that went wrong I just thought 'ok, lesson learnt...let's aim to not have that happen again'. Of course some of these things set me back a long way but I refused to give up. Eventually I realised that those women I looked up to don't have it all figured out yet. They were just at a different point in their business journey and at one stage were in the same position as myself. Th moment I truly believed I could and will make this business successful was when I made the commitment to myself. That doesn't mean that all you have to do is "believe in yourself' and everything just works out. It requires dedication, SO much work, most likely tears, the ability to cope when things don't work and ultimately your WHY? It's not about competition or comparing where you are to's just about you and your journey. This range is not 'Just a dog collar and lead' it really represents that through hard work, dedication and self belief you can achieve your goal. If I can go from sitting at a lap top googling 'how to start a business' to where I am now, then you can achieve your goals too! This doesn't just mean starting your own business. It means overcoming the things you think you couldn't or can't do. Maybe you want to start studying? Find a new job? visit that place? start your own business? Maybe you want to create a different lifestyle?Maybe it's about starting your own hobby on the side? Making more time for yourself? Realising that is it ok to make a commitment to YOU no matter the judgment you get from others? or maybe you know you're struggling with your mental health and have been putting off getting some help because you fear judgement. But imagine how much better you could feel if you did? Maybe it's making a commitment to finally manage your anxiety and not let it rule you? It doesn't matter where it is on the scale; work, lifestyle, health, finance. JUST TAKE THE FIRST STEP and the first step is 'Believing you Can'. Don't let a thought or a judgement from someone else stop you from following your truth. You do not validation from any external source but from within yourself. (Took me a little while to understand this one). I hope when you are out walking with your furbaby/furbabies that this reminds you of what is possible and to never give up. Cm x

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