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Tim Tams, Coffee and Netflix

Well well well, Hello Furfam!

What a confusing, strange, scary, frustrating time we are currently living in.

I re-read my last blog post which was saying goodbye to 2019 and welcoming 2020. This is a paragraph from that post:

Lessons of 2019

* Health is EVERYTHING! I used to hear this all the time "your health is most important!" blah, blah, blah. I used to shrug it off thinking I was invincible. It wasn't until my physical and mental health declined this year that I truly learnt this lesson. Without my health I wasn't able to work on cmdesigns. I had to leave my part time job, I couldn't see my friends, I couldn't exercise, I couldn't drive, I couldn't take Castiel out for a play. All I could really do was sit in the lounge and watch tv until I healed. It was a miserable time. So most important lesson for 2019 is NEVER take my health for granted.

...................... and now when I am feeling so much better, March 2020 the government is telling me to stay at home, sit on the couch and watch tv. It's funny how the world works isn't it.

But in all seriousness. I am in a privileged position where I can stay home knowing I am safe. I can still put food on the table, I don't have any children to homeschool (just a Dog to walk..which obviously yes is a child, but you know...he doesn't need maths lessons) and I'm not an essential worker.

However these times are uncertain for everyone. All of us are dealing with it in different ways including myself. I'm an introvert so staying at home is easy. It's strange though when suddenly I'm told I can't do certain things, I want to do them. I miss my friends and family as I'm sure everyone does right now...or maybe you're loving the space (totally ok if that's the case too).

In terms of business and cmdesigns it's been really hard. I am grateful I have an online store but the motivation to continue work as normal hasn't been easy. I've had days of laying on the couch eating tim tams and drinking coffee. Though I have caught up on Supernatural (tv show). I spoke to Cody and these are the words I said to him: "I don't know if I can keep going with cmdesigns. I have no motivation. I walk into my work room and then walk out again."

So I took a step away for a few days. On my walk with Cody and Cas this evening I had an idea for a new design I wanted to try.....and just like that a little bit of my creative spark was back and now I'm writing this.

It's a strange time right now. I want to tell you that it's ok if you're not feeling motivated to clean your entire house during isolation or start a creative project or even brush your hair for that matter. Take the time to do nothing on the couch and binge watch netflix. Eventually you will get over it and then that little bit of motivation will spark to do something different. It's also ok to feel whatever you feel right now. Sad, angry, confused, disappointed, scared,'s normal to feel that right now.

stay safe and stay healthy

Catherine x



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