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Uno and Molly - Furfam Feature

This week in Furfam Feature we introduce Uno and Molly, 2 gorgeous floofs living their best life. We asked Uno and Molly's mum Samantha to answer some questions for us.

1.) How many furbabies do you have and what is their breed/names?

Two furbabies: Uno and Molly, who are both Finnish Lapphunds despite looking completely different. 2.) can you describe your furbabies personality/personalities in one sentence? (Can be once sentence for each)

Uno - A fancy floof who is probably smarter than me!

Molly - The most affectionate gentle soul you'll meet, once you give her time to warm up to you. 3.) Does your dog/dogs have any nicknames? What are they?

Uno - little man, unoface, Mr Uno.

Molly - little miss, mozz.

4.) what is something positive that owning dogs has taught you?

How to be patient! 5.) what is something you find challenging about owning a dog/s?

Coming up with new ways to exercise their minds - they figure things out too quickly! 6.) Does your dog/s have any favourite toys or games?

Uno - chasey and wrestles.

Molly - treasure hunt. 7.) what is something naughty your dog/s have done?

Uno - finding sneaky ways to escape the backyard that his pawrents can't figure out.

Molly - stealing Uno's food when he's distracted. 8.) What is a funny or memorable moment involving your dog/s?

Uno - Uno being the ultimate host at parties, greeting every guest then slowly making his way around the room to get equal pats and cuddles from everyone. He also finds anyone who says they're "not a dog person," and ends up in their arms getting all the cuddles. Molly - Getting annoyed any time we rearrange furniture or get something new and barking at it to show her disapproval.

9.) who is another furbaby/furparent that you love to follow on instagram?

So many gorgeous floofs to choose from, but we've limited ourselves to three:

1. Harley (@harleythetuxedocat)

2. Scruffy (@scruffythechi)

3. Saffi (@saffithestaffyx) 10.) Tea or Coffee?

100% Coffee!

11.) You have recently welcomed a beautiful tiny human into the family. Were you worried about the dogs adjusting & did you do anything to help prepare them?

I was worried about Molly adjusting because she finds new things difficult! We did a few things to help prepare:

1. Practising walking with the pram pre-baby.

2. Playing baby noises and praising the floofs for staying calm.

3. Walking around with a toy baby and getting the floofs to not jump up/respect space.

4. Making sure the dogs didn't lose any privileges when the baby arrived and still get attention/time with us.

Uno was excited to meet baby and gave her a good sniff. Then he would keep watch and bring her toys whenever she cried.

Molly took around a week to warm up, but now she naps next to baby and tries to lick her hands.

Thank you so much to Sam, Uno and Molly for taking the time to answer our questions. You can follow their adventures HERE :)

Please enjoy floof pics.

If you would like to be featured in our Furfam Feature please get in touch with us via instagram @catherinemarydesigns


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