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Who am I to do this?!

“Who am I to do this?!” ~ basically what I have been fighting in my head since the idea of starting #catherinemarydesigns came into my little noggin. I had no idea the psychological & emotional barriers that would present themselves when starting my own venture. I guess I’ve always thought of myself as a pretty confident person but starting and working on Cmdesigns has been a real struggle in terms of everything that goes in my head. I actually found out I wasn’t as confident as I thought, I didn’t really love myself AND I was actually terrified of what people think.

Daily things I would say to myself (& still struggle with): “you can’t do it, you don’t have enough knowledge”, “who are you to pursue your dream just get a job you don’t really enjoy and suck it up- that’s how it is”, “are you kidding- how on earth are you going to work out how to find and organise an overseas manufacturer!”, “you can’t even sew, just give up now”, “everyone’s going to think my stuff is shit anyway ”, “I have no idea what I’m doing and will look like a complete idiot”.

Yeah it wasn’t pretty in my noggin and still working on cleaning that up! But I personally look up to women @lisamessenger @samanthawills and used to think they magically had all the confidence and know how..but have learnt through listening to them share and speak that they also had to start from square one. Part of me just wants to hide behind my products but I also wanted Catherinemarydesigns to be more than JUST the finished item. It was more importantly about the journey. To be able to share that things don’t start from “perfect”. To all my fellow start ups/small business owners/ or even about to be start ups/ hobby businesses. I am here with you in the mess 🙋🏻‍😂 and to those who want to pursue a dream or make a life change or even just pursue a hobby, it's scary but it's so worth it!

But what is most important is we just keep taking the next step regardless of the negativity our brain throws at us. 🌟

Catherinemary x



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