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Our Story

Our mantra here at Cmdesigns is  'Coffee, Dogs & Pursuing Daydreams'.

Three elements to happiness....which lets be honest Dogs being the main one. 

The first two are pretty obvious but what do we mean by 'Pursuing Daydreams?' 

You know that thing you find yourself thinking about during the day? Daydreaming about creating the life you truly desire. That's what we mean. We want this brand to remind YOU to never give up on what is meaningful in your life and of course it's also about celebrating the amazing gift of Dogs.

Let's sip coffee together whilst we discuss our furbabies ;)


                                                                                                      Catherine & Castiel x




                                                      “Everyone thinks they have the best dog, and none of them are wrong”.                                                              



Artwork - A4 size - Design 1.jpg

If you are a behind the scenes person head over to cmjournal. Catherine loves to share book reviews, thoughts, interesting facts, business challenges, living with vestibular migraine and more....

O u r  P r o d u c t s

All cmdesigns products are designed by Catherine. She uses a combination of hand drawn & digital techniques

to create gorgeous, fun and unique designs. These designs are then printed onto 100% cotton material using an eco-friendly printing process. The material is then hand-cut and sewn to make our bows and bandanas.

Our collars and leads are also designed in house and made with the help of an overseas factory using eco-friendly and sustainable  methods.

Available via Etsy or Shop designs on the cmdesigns red bubble store here! 

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